Yoga in Cartagena

Yoga in Cartagena has become one of the favourite alternative plans for natives and visitors. Our hotel The Beach Cartagena has become one of the pioneers of yoga in Tierra Bomba, thanks to the existence of our beach club Namasté.

Yoga on a general level is born in India and has physical, mental and spiritual restoration powers in people who practice this dicipline. By the way, Cartagena is usually a very hot city that requires excessive caloric expenditure and loss of mineral salts. That tends to weaken the body of people and makes yoga in Cartagena an alternative that counteracts this condition.

Yoga, in addition to restoring the organs, stabilizes and reconnects the mind. It is considered an integral therapy that strengthens breathing, which can be perfected as the person practices it.

Flexible yoga routines can be established in Cartagena. For example, you find docking exercises for beginners through meditation, where the body disconnects and finds itself. The people who succumb to this initiation in yoga in Cartagena share a liberation and emotional balance never before experienced with other disciplines.

Yoga requires patience and perseverance. That goes from the straight posture of the column to the support that implies the concentration of the mind in a single thought. The results will be effective after having acquired consistent habits of practices defined in the dicipline.

Experts and amateurs of yoga in Cartagena affirm that yoga has become one of the preventive medical therapies for diseases. In other words, yoga is one of the most effective habit of healthy lifestyle in recent times. That is why our hotel The Beach Cartagena is dedicated to offering a complete catalog of services at the forefront.