Beach clubs Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias is a touristic city par excellence. Each season, hundreds of national and international visitors arrive in the city in search of unforgettable experiences. Beach Clubs Cartagena are a sample of the new generation of alternatives to enjoy.

While it is true, the first thing that our visitors want to enjoy are the beaches of the city. People who perhaps for the first time are having their first encounter with the sea; a striking recognition that occupies us in our Boutique Hotel The Beach Cartagena through our Beach Clubs.

Why you should chose beach clubs Cartagena

The first proposal that we offer you is to know another way to have contact with the sea. First, transferring by speedboat, either because you want to visit any of our Beach Clubs: Namasté or Bomba Beach; or acquire one of our tours to complement your stay with other types of alternative attractions.

These moments can be enjoyed with swimming pool in optimal conditions, fresh showers, moments of relaxation, typical dishes of the region, yoga and the joy of a kind attention in our Cartagena Beach Clubs.

The human talent that represents us works with passion and dedication; so that you wish it never ends your journey and the comments confirm it: “Excellent everything without a doubt, all very professional and dedicated with passion to satisfy the needs of their clients”.

Another addition, no less important to choose our Cartagena Beach Clubs is the privacy that we all love. Precisely, when we are 10 minutes away from the city of Cartagena, on the island of Tierra Bomba, the presence of street vendors is minimal and the shrillness of the city is extinguished. Prolonging a quiet environment, with selective music and the tranquility of being safe, like at home.

The best way to spend time and enjoy a day at the beach is to opt for our Beach Clubs Cartagena a different alternative and full of exciting sensations. Those who have already lived it, compare the benefits with respect to the beaches of the city: “Excellent service, unique locations, very warm staff, make you want to stay a long time, more than 100% recommendation”.

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