Best beach in Cartagena

The geographical location that privileges the city of Cartagena with a large portion of sea, beautiful beaches that transform the stay in the city, alternating the plans of own and visitors; makes difficult to point at the beat beach in Cartagena. They complement the landscapes with beautiful sunsets, worthy to be captured by any photographic lens.

There are many magical moments that are celebrated in the best beach in Cartagena; weddings with the best contrast between the sun and the sea; graduations with a “chic” touch or family reunions at the end of the year. Countless are the episodes of complicity that the beach propitiates in people’s lives.

Our picks for best beach in Cartagena

Within the urban area of ​​the city, there are beaches such as Castillo Grande, Boca Grande, Laguito, Crespo and Marbella. In addition, Cartagena is made up of different districts such as La Boquilla, Santa Ana and Manzanillo del Mar; and island areas such as the island of Tierra Bomba, Islas del Rosario, Barú and Isla de Pirata; who are partisans of having best beach in Cartagena. Which expands the range of possibilities.

In our case, the hotel The Beach Cartagena has two clubs on the island of Tierra Bomba Punta Arena sector, forming an official alliance of the best beach in Cartagena. They are crystal clear beaches, quiet, clean and fresh that provide the best of all sunny days. Moreover, the web portal offers references to the moment when they are searching; for example, “we can guarantee that the beaches of Punta Arena on Tierra Bomba Island are the best beaches in Cartagena”.

The best reference of best beach in Cartagena can be provided by those who have already been there; who have chosen to leave the everyday, take a boat and reach Punta Arena to live new experiences: “Very good beach, quiet, clean and has restaurants and fun options like jet skis”.  To the above, you can add that if you want to get rid of the nitrate provided by the sea. Our facilities have freshwater showers, fresh and sufficient for the whole family, group of friends or colleagues of the labor group.

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