Day tour in Cartagena

A day tour in Cartagena is insufficient to taste the city in all its areas. For this reason, our hotel The Beach Cartagena takes care that you feel so comfortable and happy that you want to extend your day tour in Cartagena. Thus, your only concern will be to have the best of all the passages.

The day tour in Cartagena starts very early in the morning. The privileged location of our hotel will allow you to choose between the insular area in Tierra Bomba or Punta Arena. Whatever your choice, you will have the full assurance that you will be in the best hands.

The day tour in Cartagena is a great option first, to feel the breeze and the color of its beaches. Second, it will allow you to contemplate the amenities offered by our hotel: fresh pool, showers, the best facilities worthy of a boutique hotel, beach beds, hammocks, welcome cocktail, free Wi-Fi zone, typical food of the region and the best personalized service that will make you feel comfortable, calm and happy.

On the other hand, one of the main occupations of travelers is the subject of the stay of their pets, which does not have a problem in the facilities of our hotel since the day tour in Cartagena can enjoy it in the company of their loved ones, which includes this member who is sometimes the spouse of the family. Important that when making your reservation you can communicate it in advance.

In this way, the excuses disappear to enjoy the attention you deserve; for which you have worked and waited so long. For example, a day tour may be the perfect reason to enjoy your birthday. Also your anniversary, your honeymoon, family outings or with friends; labor meetings, business activities and other celebrations of special days. Let us then host your moments of happiness.

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