Beach restaurants

One of the biggest attractions of the Colombian Caribbean coast is its extensive cuisine and culinary pleasures. Contemplated in the best beach restaurants, visitors and natives can enjoy a pleasant stay accompanied by an excellent coconut rice, fried fish, patacones with ahogao´, healthy avocado salad or fresh lettuce and the ideal companion, a very cold drink.

While it is true, sea food offers multiple benefits to human health, it also has rich aphrodisiac properties. On the one hand, fish and its derivatives such as octopus or crab, provide the body with the amounts of phosphorus, zinc and minerals that the body needs for optimal functioning, especially the immune system that maintains the defenses. Served in considerable quantities, such as those offered by Beach restaurants.

On the other hand, seafood and its derivatives such as shrimp, oyster and crab are recognized for their aphrodisiac properties. Those properties enhance the functions of the reproductive system, increase the production of hormones that handle the signals necessary to increase passion . Thus, preparations such as shrimp cocktail and seviche, become the most requested snacks at the tables of the Beach restaurants.

In this order of ideas, not only foods carry the flag on the menu offered by Beach restaurants, drinks; especially innovative cocktail blends are the most applauded by people who have tried them during their stay. Cataloging them as an explosion of coastal flavors, fresh, delicate and delicious on the palate. This is the case of micheladas, which are most enjoyed around the beach.

On the other hand, cherry lemonades are ideal for the whole family. Setting up as an alternative to enjoy a refreshing and popular drink such as lemon water. Without neglecting the popular panela water that refreshes at all times; it is easy to prepare and perfectly accompanies the menu offered in the Beach restaurants of our Beach Clubs in the Punta Arena sector of the island of Tierra Bomba.

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