Cartagena beaches

The beach will always be a plan for everyone. From the children to the adults in the family. Many people arrive at Cartagena beaches to enjoy what are considered the best beaches of the Colombian Caribbean, complete plains of coral reefs, waters of different shades and sands with different textures.

The variety of Cartagena beaches

The best of Cartagena beaches is the wide variety of alternatives not only in the city but around it. The invitation is for you to walk through them while choosing where to spend the best beach day. First, there are the most visited beaches in the urban area of ​​the city in neighborhoods such as Crespo, Boca Grande, Castillo Grande and Laguito.

For its part, the beaches of Boca Grande are considered the most requested Cartagena beaches for their energetic atmosphere. Also because of its strong waves and various points of sale around. Due to its privileged location when surrounding the main hotels such as the Hotel Caribe and hostels, various international and national guests arrive to enjoy the festive atmosphere they offer, especially during weekends, holiday bridges or holiday season.

On the other hand, the beaches of Castillo Grande are characterized by offering a quieter environment. High waves are scarce and few street vendors crowd. This type of Cartagena beaches is most visited by residents of the sector or by visitors who prefer a less crowded beach. This is also the case of Crespo beaches.

Meanwhile, the beaches of Laguito are configured in the best allies of our hotel The Beach Cartagena. Although they are also quiet and not very crowded; the alliance happens to be the closest access road to our Beach Clubs located on the island of Tierra Bomba sector Punta Arena.

These Cartagena beaches have paradisiacal characteristics, worthy of the Colombian Caribbean. That is because of its fascinating environments that radiate energy and motivate visitors to get out of the routine; letting themselves be surprised by such beauty. Being protagonists of their own fun, thanks to the privacy that our spaces dedicated to comfort and care of nature.

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