Cartagena beaches

The beach will always be a plan for everyone. From the children to the adults in the family. Many people arrive at Cartagena beaches to enjoy what are considered the best beaches of the Colombian Caribbean, complete plains of coral reefs, waters of different shades and sands with different textures.

The variety of Cartagena beaches

The best of Cartagena beaches is the wide variety of alternatives not only in the city but around it. The invitation is for you to walk through them while choosing where to spend the best beach day. First, there are the most visited beaches in the urban area of ​​the city in neighborhoods such as Crespo, Boca Grande, Castillo Grande and Laguito.

For its part, the beaches of Boca Grande are considered the most requested Cartagena beaches for their energetic atmosphere. Also because of its strong waves and various points of sale around. Due to its privileged location when surrounding the main hotels such as the Hotel Caribe and hostels, various international and national guests arrive to enjoy the festive atmosphere they offer, especially during weekends, holiday bridges or holiday season.

On the other hand, the beaches of Castillo Grande are characterized by offering a quieter environment. High waves are scarce and few street vendors crowd. This type of Cartagena beaches is most visited by residents of the sector or by visitors who prefer a less crowded beach. This is also the case of Crespo beaches.

Meanwhile, the beaches of Laguito are configured in the best allies of our hotel The Beach Cartagena. Although they are also quiet and not very crowded; the alliance happens to be the closest access road to our Beach Clubs located on the island of Tierra Bomba sector Punta Arena.

These Cartagena beaches have paradisiacal characteristics, worthy of the Colombian Caribbean. That is because of its fascinating environments that radiate energy and motivate visitors to get out of the routine; letting themselves be surprised by such beauty. Being protagonists of their own fun, thanks to the privacy that our spaces dedicated to comfort and care of nature.

Beach restaurants

One of the biggest attractions of the Colombian Caribbean coast is its extensive cuisine and culinary pleasures. Contemplated in the best beach restaurants, visitors and natives can enjoy a pleasant stay accompanied by an excellent coconut rice, fried fish, patacones with ahogao´, healthy avocado salad or fresh lettuce and the ideal companion, a very cold drink.

While it is true, sea food offers multiple benefits to human health, it also has rich aphrodisiac properties. On the one hand, fish and its derivatives such as octopus or crab, provide the body with the amounts of phosphorus, zinc and minerals that the body needs for optimal functioning, especially the immune system that maintains the defenses. Served in considerable quantities, such as those offered by Beach restaurants.

On the other hand, seafood and its derivatives such as shrimp, oyster and crab are recognized for their aphrodisiac properties. Those properties enhance the functions of the reproductive system, increase the production of hormones that handle the signals necessary to increase passion . Thus, preparations such as shrimp cocktail and seviche, become the most requested snacks at the tables of the Beach restaurants.

In this order of ideas, not only foods carry the flag on the menu offered by Beach restaurants, drinks; especially innovative cocktail blends are the most applauded by people who have tried them during their stay. Cataloging them as an explosion of coastal flavors, fresh, delicate and delicious on the palate. This is the case of micheladas, which are most enjoyed around the beach.

On the other hand, cherry lemonades are ideal for the whole family. Setting up as an alternative to enjoy a refreshing and popular drink such as lemon water. Without neglecting the popular panela water that refreshes at all times; it is easy to prepare and perfectly accompanies the menu offered in the Beach restaurants of our Beach Clubs in the Punta Arena sector of the island of Tierra Bomba.

beach parties

This blog is especially dedicated to people with a cheerful and festive spirit like you; who would undoubtedly experience beach parties without any regrets. Therefore we want to offer you some tips or advice so that you look amazing inside and out before exposing yourself to the eyes of the hundreds of attendees that you usually find in these events.

As they are Beach parties, the most careful are usually the women. They attend any detail before exposing themselves especially if they are in a bathing dress; or if they are the hosts of their own celebration. However, many men have begun to worry about their appearance before the waves of the sea. For example: hair styling, bathing, hair removal, appropriate dress or bathing suits, accessories, skin care, among other aspects to consider.

Tips for beach parties

So, the first thing you should do is prepare in advance to participate with the best attitude before the Beach parties. This means that you must rest a maximum of 8 hours to have a relaxed and radiant face, free of dark circles or expression lines. Hydrate and exfoliate your skin before exposing yourself to salt and sun to ensure that the skin is in optimal condition; wash and moisturize the hair and cover it with sunscreen treatments. The above will ensure that you look naturally beautiful or beautiful and healthy.

As for the makeup that is suggested to some women who choose to look flawless at the Beach parties; this should be natural and basic, that attenuates imperfections without looking excessive. The lips are essential when using strong or radiant colors that merge with the tropical environment.

On the other hand, some Beach parties are held under more privacy parameters. That’s done through the reservations that travelers can get in our beach clubs: Namaste and Bomba Beach; on the island of Tierra Bomba (Punta Arena sector), a more familiar, calm and cozy atmosphere; that although it demands to look radiant, it invites rather to the enjoyment that gives the pleasure of being attended.

Beach Club

The imaginary that some people have about the Beach Club is perhaps a night place, worth spending the night; more like a bar where to party with friends or family. A place for adults, where dancing to the rhythm of a recognized DJ that enlivens the moment becomes the best excuse of all. For no apparent reason, the meetings are held within these places with the sole purpose of enjoying the nightlife near the sea.

While this perception of Beach Club might be true, our hotel The Beach Cartagena offers a different alternative that provides a more flexible assessment that is worth knowing. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy our clubs, located on the island of Tierra Bomba Punta Arena, here we explain the reasons why you should not miss them.

Our beach club options

First, we present our Beach Club Bomba Beach. This place is appropriate for the whole family. It is a cozy place located 10 minutes from the city of Cartagena by speedboat. Ideal to spend a different, private and relaxing beach day. As only you deserve it. It has fresh showers, swimming pool, beach beds and beach chairs. Also, hammocks, water attractions, a la carte food, drinks and music that enlivens the place.

Second, is our Namaste Beach Club. With a purely environmentalist environment, here we care even about the straws with which we serve your drinks, being organic; We offer personal care routines such as Yoga which is a discipline for the mental, spiritual and physical balance of our visitors. It also has personalized attention, a la carte food and the best enjoyment of the waves of the sea.

While the imaginary that exists at the Beach Club level might be true; we invite you to live an unimaginable and different experience within our facilities. We assure you, you will enjoy the tranquility that evokes the privacy of all your moments; the “chic” of spending time with family, friends or couples. You can also take advantage of this job meeting between colleagues with the best attention of all.

Day tour in Cartagena

A day tour in Cartagena is insufficient to taste the city in all its areas. For this reason, our hotel The Beach Cartagena takes care that you feel so comfortable and happy that you want to extend your day tour in Cartagena. Thus, your only concern will be to have the best of all the passages.

The day tour in Cartagena starts very early in the morning. The privileged location of our hotel will allow you to choose between the insular area in Tierra Bomba or Punta Arena. Whatever your choice, you will have the full assurance that you will be in the best hands.

The day tour in Cartagena is a great option first, to feel the breeze and the color of its beaches. Second, it will allow you to contemplate the amenities offered by our hotel: fresh pool, showers, the best facilities worthy of a boutique hotel, beach beds, hammocks, welcome cocktail, free Wi-Fi zone, typical food of the region and the best personalized service that will make you feel comfortable, calm and happy.

On the other hand, one of the main occupations of travelers is the subject of the stay of their pets, which does not have a problem in the facilities of our hotel since the day tour in Cartagena can enjoy it in the company of their loved ones, which includes this member who is sometimes the spouse of the family. Important that when making your reservation you can communicate it in advance.

In this way, the excuses disappear to enjoy the attention you deserve; for which you have worked and waited so long. For example, a day tour may be the perfect reason to enjoy your birthday. Also your anniversary, your honeymoon, family outings or with friends; labor meetings, business activities and other celebrations of special days. Let us then host your moments of happiness.

Beach weddings

beach_weddings tierrabomba cartagena

To enter to the web in search of alternatives for that dreamed day of the beach weddings and run into hundreds of images; in which you can see extreme happiness, causing that you wish that you can have a similar moment; the most crucial moment in the life of a couple.

That desire can become reality and in our hotel The Beach Cartagena we work to make it so. Our facilities are ideal to accompany that magical moment: the contrast of optional colors between white and navy blue; the mixture between elegance and simplicity; the glamor of the sunsets facing the sea and the plus of being on the sand are essential to make a difference in your beach weddings.

Hence the perfect combination that is captured in many photographs of beach weddings; a reminder that will last in time, the greatest sample of romanticism. Countless ideas, the important thing is that each couple mark their own style using our facilities as a reference and complicity before so much charm; ensuring that it is an unforgettable moment for both the bride and groom and the guests.

Although beach weddings tend to be of a very private and selective type, they lead the search in networks when marriage is involved because in the end everyone wants to match a time like this. And although all seasons hundreds of visitors arrive at our facilities in search of their special moment, theirs is still waiting because we know that their ideas and ours will be complemented magically.

Beach weddings consolidate the love between two people who decide to unite their lives forever; and this type of decisions deserve the best advice. So we have the best allies and providers to plan beach weddings according to the preferences; payment options and needs of each couple. Because the center of everything is especially the bride who must prepare from her ideal complement, the dress; until the selection of the menu that your guests will taste. With the certainty of being in expert hands, with the best ideas especially for particular and innovative tastes like yours.

Best beach in Cartagena

The geographical location that privileges the city of Cartagena with a large portion of sea, beautiful beaches that transform the stay in the city, alternating the plans of own and visitors; makes difficult to point at the beat beach in Cartagena. They complement the landscapes with beautiful sunsets, worthy to be captured by any photographic lens.

There are many magical moments that are celebrated in the best beach in Cartagena; weddings with the best contrast between the sun and the sea; graduations with a “chic” touch or family reunions at the end of the year. Countless are the episodes of complicity that the beach propitiates in people’s lives.

Our picks for best beach in Cartagena

Within the urban area of ​​the city, there are beaches such as Castillo Grande, Boca Grande, Laguito, Crespo and Marbella. In addition, Cartagena is made up of different districts such as La Boquilla, Santa Ana and Manzanillo del Mar; and island areas such as the island of Tierra Bomba, Islas del Rosario, Barú and Isla de Pirata; who are partisans of having best beach in Cartagena. Which expands the range of possibilities.

In our case, the hotel The Beach Cartagena has two clubs on the island of Tierra Bomba Punta Arena sector, forming an official alliance of the best beach in Cartagena. They are crystal clear beaches, quiet, clean and fresh that provide the best of all sunny days. Moreover, the web portal offers references to the moment when they are searching; for example, “we can guarantee that the beaches of Punta Arena on Tierra Bomba Island are the best beaches in Cartagena”.

The best reference of best beach in Cartagena can be provided by those who have already been there; who have chosen to leave the everyday, take a boat and reach Punta Arena to live new experiences: “Very good beach, quiet, clean and has restaurants and fun options like jet skis”.  To the above, you can add that if you want to get rid of the nitrate provided by the sea. Our facilities have freshwater showers, fresh and sufficient for the whole family, group of friends or colleagues of the labor group.

Beach clubs Tierra Bomba

There are few hotels in the city that offer Beach Clubs Tierra Bomba, which makes us pioneers specialists in the subject. Our boutique hotel The Beach Cartagena configures the best tourist attractions for visitors and typical of the region. We have the best references and comments on the web, which show the best perceptions.

The atmosphere of the Tierra Bomba Beach Clubs is welcoming and peaceful, which provides spaces for cultural events, business meetings and other special celebrations. Currently, our hotel The Beach Cartagena, offers two Beach Bomba Beach Clubs: Bomba Beach, with a family atmosphere, passionate, colorful and cultural and Namasté, focused on the wellness of its visitors; where you will find activities such as Yoga, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. A club dedicated to exercising the mind and the body.

For its part, Bomba Beach is one of the beach clubs located on the island of Tierra Bomba, Sector Punta Arena; exactly 10 minutes, by speedboat, from the beach of Castillogrande, behind Bocagrande hospital. Some visitors who have had the opportunity to enjoy a trip in our club say the following: “The place is beautiful. The departure times are very punctual and the staff is very friendly. The food is delicious, the new pool is ideal to relax with friends, all set very nice and very clean. I will be back soon”.

While, Namaste possesses amazing and unique qualities with an environmental and healthy addition. It is one of the few Beach Clubs Tierra Bomba with this specialty. For that reason and more our visitors think all the time that this club is incomparable: “It’s a magical place, super nice decoration, tranquility, sight, everything is perfect. The attention is excellent. It is perfect to be away from the noise and the hubbub; also it’s ideal to go to rest, have close to the sea, get a good massage, and drink delicious drinks.

So, do not let anyone tell you. Come and have your own experience in our Tierra Bomba Beach Clubs; opportunities that will open up an unparalleled horizon of possibilities; other representations to enjoy the sea, breeze and sun. Another way to delight your palate and stimulate your senses.

Beach clubs Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias is a touristic city par excellence. Each season, hundreds of national and international visitors arrive in the city in search of unforgettable experiences. Beach Clubs Cartagena are a sample of the new generation of alternatives to enjoy.

While it is true, the first thing that our visitors want to enjoy are the beaches of the city. People who perhaps for the first time are having their first encounter with the sea; a striking recognition that occupies us in our Boutique Hotel The Beach Cartagena through our Beach Clubs.

Why you should chose beach clubs Cartagena

The first proposal that we offer you is to know another way to have contact with the sea. First, transferring by speedboat, either because you want to visit any of our Beach Clubs: Namasté or Bomba Beach; or acquire one of our tours to complement your stay with other types of alternative attractions.

These moments can be enjoyed with swimming pool in optimal conditions, fresh showers, moments of relaxation, typical dishes of the region, yoga and the joy of a kind attention in our Cartagena Beach Clubs.

The human talent that represents us works with passion and dedication; so that you wish it never ends your journey and the comments confirm it: “Excellent everything without a doubt, all very professional and dedicated with passion to satisfy the needs of their clients”.

Another addition, no less important to choose our Cartagena Beach Clubs is the privacy that we all love. Precisely, when we are 10 minutes away from the city of Cartagena, on the island of Tierra Bomba, the presence of street vendors is minimal and the shrillness of the city is extinguished. Prolonging a quiet environment, with selective music and the tranquility of being safe, like at home.

The best way to spend time and enjoy a day at the beach is to opt for our Beach Clubs Cartagena a different alternative and full of exciting sensations. Those who have already lived it, compare the benefits with respect to the beaches of the city: “Excellent service, unique locations, very warm staff, make you want to stay a long time, more than 100% recommendation”.

Yoga in Cartagena

Yoga in Cartagena has become one of the favourite alternative plans for natives and visitors. Our hotel The Beach Cartagena has become one of the pioneers of yoga in Tierra Bomba, thanks to the existence of our beach club Namasté.

Yoga on a general level is born in India and has physical, mental and spiritual restoration powers in people who practice this dicipline. By the way, Cartagena is usually a very hot city that requires excessive caloric expenditure and loss of mineral salts. That tends to weaken the body of people and makes yoga in Cartagena an alternative that counteracts this condition.

Yoga, in addition to restoring the organs, stabilizes and reconnects the mind. It is considered an integral therapy that strengthens breathing, which can be perfected as the person practices it.

Flexible yoga routines can be established in Cartagena. For example, you find docking exercises for beginners through meditation, where the body disconnects and finds itself. The people who succumb to this initiation in yoga in Cartagena share a liberation and emotional balance never before experienced with other disciplines.

Yoga requires patience and perseverance. That goes from the straight posture of the column to the support that implies the concentration of the mind in a single thought. The results will be effective after having acquired consistent habits of practices defined in the dicipline.

Experts and amateurs of yoga in Cartagena affirm that yoga has become one of the preventive medical therapies for diseases. In other words, yoga is one of the most effective habit of healthy lifestyle in recent times. That is why our hotel The Beach Cartagena is dedicated to offering a complete catalog of services at the forefront.