Zero Waste Policy

Within our sustainability policies, we are committed to reducing the generation of waste to the maximum in the daily operation of our hotel and our beach clubs.

Our actions include the non-use of disposable items, so we offer our food and beverages in reusable presentations, we use paper straws and we put our cutlery in biodegradable paper bags.

Despite our efforts to reduce instead of recycling, there are some elements that are essential for the proper functioning of the place and that we can not return. In those cases, we reuse those materials to beautify our hotel and create art with conscience.

This is reflected in murals, paths and decorations made with recyclable elements, in addition to our Christmas tree made of glass bottles. With organic waste such as dried leaves and paper, we make compost to strengthen our plants and trees.

This added to the training and environmental awareness efforts with our staff and the active participation in beach cleaning activities that take place on the island.

We believe in the possibility of environmentally responsible tourism, that is why we continue to work hard to create new strategies that allow us to continue working in harmony with our environment.

Growing with the community

For us it is very important not only to be a space for employment, but really to work hand in hand with the community and grow with it. We are proud to say that more than 80% of our payroll corresponds to native staff of the island who work in different areas.

All of this, thanks to a basic training program that allows them to integrate in the best way to the tourist activity in our hotel. This training component not only corresponds to the academic environment, but also is a space created from love and example, giving them tools for work and their own lives.

For the academic area, we establish alliances with SENA, to train them in the areas of interest such as cooking, customer service, table and bar, bartending, etc. In addition, team building meetings and workshops are held periodically to keep our team motivated and maintain an atmosphere of constant learning.

So, more than a working group we are a family that works together to get the best of this beautiful island that once was in the greatest abandonment, but today thanks to our love and effort is an arising jewel of Cartagena de Indias.